Gręžimo įrenginys PJ20-2000

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Tipas gręžimo įrenginys
Vieta Italija Parola di Fidenza (Pr)
Patalpinimo data vakar
Machineryline ID GJ12222
Kasimo gylis 500 m
Ašys 3
Būklė naudotos
Papildoma informacija
N°1 brand new drilling rig make Project, model PJ 20- 2000 truck mounted.
For water research using DTH hammer and roto-destruction system.
For soil investigation and coring with continouos drilling and reverse circulation sampling.

Installed on 3 axles truck (used or brand new according to request)
Chassis with 4 indipendent levelling jacks.
Deck engine 6 cylinders turbo charged, power 238 hp
Feed travel fitted for 3 or 6 mt long drill rods
Max pull back force: 20 tons
Pull back system by means of fleyer chain nd hydraulic jack
Counter mast to regulate mast vertical position with approx stroke 600 mm
Rotary head with 2 hydraulic motors variable speed type. max torque 2200 kgm; max speed up to 150 rpm
Rotary with floating spindle with inner passage 60 mm. complete with mud-air-water swivel with passage 60 mm
Rotary lateral sliding movement in order to free the hole center
Rotary frontal tilting movement in order to ease new rods insertion
Double clamp with max passage 420 mm, complete with hydraulic rod centralizers
Clear water/foam pump: max delivery 80 lt/min, pressure 50 bar
Duplex piston mud pump: max delivery 1250 lt/min, pressure 17-20 bar
Drilling control panel installed on the rear side of the chassis complete with all control systems and regulation valves.

hydraulic circuit highly dimensioned with big oil tank and hydraulically actuated cooling fan in order to be able to work with no temperature problems even in hot places.
hydraulic omponenets of primary italian or international manufacturing companies.

Able to drill till 500 mt deep; hole dimension from 17''1/2 till 8''1/2

Different configurations on request

Price on request
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